You are welcome to Email your questions that are not answered here

or come and see for yourself!

1 What the hell is a Dungeon?

The Reception Chamber

2 What makes LDH the best Dungeon to hire in the UK?
3 We are beginners, never been to a dungeon, is LDH good for us?
4 Can I arrive early? (Before the time of my booking)
5 Who is the Dungeon Keeper?
6 I have heard the East End is rough, is it safe to go there?
7 If we hire out the dungeon will we have complete privacy?
8 What do we need to bring with us?
9 Can we bring our own equipment?
10 How do we make a booking?
11 How do we get to the dungeon?
12 How do we use the equipment?
13 I have never tried this before, is it suitable for me?
14 Can we book the dungeon for group activities or a party?
15 Can I take photographs or make a video recording during my stay?  
16 Where can we go for some fun before or after our booking?  
17 I am a Professional Dominatrix, can I hire the Dungeon?   
18 Can I visit to have a look around before I make my booking?  
19 Can I rearrange Furniture and equipment and change the layout of the Dungeon as I wish?
20 In very cold winter weather is the dungeon still warm enough to play in?
21 I just want to take pictures/film using the dungeon for "props" and scenario, is that ok?
22 Is the Dungeon a smoke free Zone?  
23 Are there any Restrictions on Messy play?
24 We need overnight accommodation, can you help us?
25 Can we book the dungeon late night?
26 Cancellation Policy. Will we get our deposit refunded if we cancel?
27 Is help available?
28 Do you have gift vouchers?
29 Setting up the Dungeon... can you do it for us?
30 Is the dungeon clean? Is it safe to share sex Toys?
31 Do we have to arrive together?
32 Can you supply me with a Play Partner?  


33 Can I hire the Dungeon just to be in it on my own?  


34 We would like someone to join us during our hire, can you help?  


35 I love flickering candle light, can we burn candles in the dungeon?  
36 Are there hidden Cameras recording what we get up to?  
37 Why can't I hire just for a hour?  
38 Is the Dungeon cool and fresh on a hot Summer Day?  
  37 Can I have a deal or discount because of my special circumstances?  
  38 Can I Scream and Shout?  
  39 Do we have to leave on time?  
  40 What is the Dungeon Safety Code? What are the limits on activities?  
  41 What is your Cancellation Policy?  
  42 Is the Dungeon wheelchair friendly?  
  43 Do the Neighbors Know?