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Can we Smoke?

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Can we smoke in the dungeon?

Smoking is discouraged.

It is always possible to smoke in the garden but discretion is expected if you do this... conventional dress and behaviour is essential.

Whilst the wonderful natural aroma of exotic fabrics, rubber & leather of the equipment of the dungeon can be spoilt by horrid stinky tobacco smoke we realise it can be very uncomfortable for smokers to be deprived of their cigarettes. We want you to enjoy your time in the dungeon so if you MUST smoke you can do this in the Reception Chamber if your hire is longer than 3 hours and you are unable t use the garden.

We also recognise that smoking can be used as part of your play. To assist in this we have a rather bizarre "human ash tray device", but we do request you also limit this activity to the Reception Room. Conventional ashtrays are also available.

You should consider the considerable health risks associated with tobacco smoke both to yourself and others (but if you are a smoker then you probably don't want to think about that).

There are also increased risks of fire associated with smoking. A fire extinguisher is situated in the "Safety Box" in Dungeon Room One ; The Chamber of Dreams