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Can you to give us a tutorial on the effective use of Equipment?A hirer using the equipment at LDH effectively
Yes. At the beginning of your first hire the DK will always show you around the dungeon to explain the layout, facilities and Health and Safety arrangements. During this tour you can ask as many questions you wish regarding the use of equipment.

A tour without questions will last approximately 15 minutes but can be extended as long as you wish to cover (according to your questions) the use of any equipment in as much detail as is required. This tour is part of your hire and will commence at the beginning of your booking upon your arrival.

If you wish to use The Violet Wands or E-Stim Equipment please let us know as essential instruction in its safe use needs to be covered in your tour. Other examples of advanced equipment that will need some explanation include the fucking machines, vac bed, nova-pro hypnosis machine and suspension apparatus. If you do not indicate an interest in these items prior to your visit or during your introductory tour you will may find them NON OPERATIONAL during your hire or at the very least difficult (if not dangerous) to use.

On subsequent visits you will be given a shorter tour pointing out any new additions to the dungeon and any information or guidance that you may request.

Feel free to ask us by email anything you wish to know in advance regarding your planned visit, we are constantly updating and adding equipment to the dungeon and welcome your feedback and suggestions in this regard.

If you want detailed instruction of any aspect of BDSM play you can arrange a one hour extended tour. The Dungeon Keeper is a qualified Teacher with more than twenty years experience in education and can apply this expertise and experience in sharing his knowledge of the safe and effective use of S/M equipment with you.

We can't list everything we have in the dungeon. The guide below is just a brief introduction into how you can use some of the facilities on offer but it's your imagination and your fantasies that will give you the most pleasure so please use things as you wish to maximise your pleasure and safety. We have all the things in the table below and much more, more links will be added to the table below as we get around to it... and it is a job that has been badly neglected!







Isolation Chamber

Safety Box



Boots / Shoes





Sleep Sacks



Doggie cage

School Desk

ball weights








Spreader bars

Sin Bin

Doggie outfit

nipple clamps



dog cage

Slave Table

Bondage Bed

E Stim

Suspension chain

Hypnosis machine


Posture Collar


Gas Masks

body harness



Violet Wands




Isolation box



Suction devices

Medical equoment









Stocks Return to List of FAQ Back to top of Page

The Stocksare in Dungeon Room 1. Two columns, running from the floor to a joist beam on the ceiling, support the stocks.  The stocks are fully adjustable in a vertical direction at various positions set within the side columns. This permits multiple positioning of your subject allowing access to all those little areas without resistance!

For those that have small wrists there is an additional security device. A metal handcuff attached to the back of the stocks ensures that the tethers will never be slipped! The stocks are positioned in front of full-length mirrors enabling a myriad of visually pleasing views. The stocks will hold your subject uncomfortably for punishment, interrogation, penetration or humiliation for as long as you require.

Periods longer than 20 minutes will be physically demanding. It is not sensible to leave a victim untended in the stocks for any length of time

(Please note: Although, it is possible to use one of the hoods  without an integral collar, the stocks cannot be used with a collar. The keys for the handcuffs are located on the bunch in the old curiosity Cupboard in The Throne Room, there is also a duplicate spare set in the safety box below the Isolation Chamber.








The Cross Return to List of FAQ

The x shaped cross is securely connected to the wall in dungeon room one. There is no access to your subject from behind the cross, however she or he can be positioned front or rear facing. There are several sets of wrist and ankle cuffs available along with rope or snaps to secure these to the cleats on the cross.

The cross has many anchor points, hooks and cleats to facilitate elaborate rope bondage. After 15/ 20 minutes the subject  may experience physical discomfort, hands may develop pins and needles and eventually go completely numb. It is not wise to leave a person unattended for any length of time whilst bound to the cross.

The cross is good for teasing, punishment, and also Cock and Ball torture (CBT). If the subject is facing the wall there is also an opportunity for penetration.











The Winch Return to List of FAQ

In Dungeon Room One the winch is located on the wall column and operates a hoist and suspension bar   on a pulley system, which is suspended from the ceiling beam. Attached is a heavy-duty, reinforced suspension bar, with four attachment points. To operate simply flick the safety catch and turn the handle in an anti clockwise direction to lower the bar, However if you choose to keep the safety catch on when you are raising the mechanism it gives a wonderfully stimulating cranking noise.

The winch is capable of raising a large adult male completely off the floor, it can be used in a number of ways in conjunction with a suspension bar or sling

(Please note: The winch is designed to prevent the hoist being lowered with the safety catch on. However, if there is a load on the winch it is necessary to first turn the handle an clockwise to release the tension on the safety catch.)

Its sensible to familiarise yourself with this procedure before embarking on elaborate suspension bondage scenarios. The safety box contains equipment for emergency use!






















Hoist Return to List of FAQ

The hoist and suspension bar bar  can be used in a number of different ways. The steel bar has specialist suspension cuffs for ankles and/or wrists.

This system can easily support the weight of a largely built man. Inverted suspension using the ankle cuffs will put strain on the cardio muscular system. The heart is not designed to pump blood to an upside down body, so beware of the physical limitations of your partner.

Please Note: If some one is taller than 6 foot vertical suspension from the wrists cannot be achieved due to the limitation of ceiling height. But there are other methods and any height of person can be suspended inverted or upright. (incidentally being completely suspended from the wrists for more than a few minutes requires an extremely high level of endurance.)









Cell Return to List of FAQ

Underneath a raised double bed the cell sits awaiting its next prisoner!

Access through a steel bar door to a dimly lit area which is richly cushioned and padded with shiny slinky black PVC sheeting and cushions.

It is large enough to hold several slaves at once, comfortably stretched out in the prone position or alternatively hog tided together!

Master / Mistress and slave can enter together to allow bondage, sleep-sacking or other activities!

The light can be controlled from outside of the cell, as can the independent sounds that can be played in the cell. Special Cassette tapes for this indoctrination system are available or you can bring your own for that added personal hypnotic touch. The cell door can be padlocked shut. A curtain can be drawn across the cage door allowing complete deprivation, however for those on suicide watch there is a sliding observation window on the right hand side of the cage where you can ensure your captive is up to no mischief.












Isolation Chamber Return to List of FAQ

The Isolation Chamber is a cell within a cell and is accessed from within the cage.


The subject is held beneath the stairs leading up to the double bed above the cell.


This is not a comfortable area and can be claustrophobic! Sounds/voice can be fed through to this delightful area for added torment! An inspection hatch is available to view or tease the victim when required.

Please note: The subject must go in feet first so that they are facing the inspection hatch located on one of the rises on the stairs. Although it is not easy, subjects of 6 ft plus have been accommodated in this space.













Safety Box Return to List of FAQ

This black box is set against the right hand side of the cell.


Make sure you are familiar with the location of this box before play. Your Dungeon Keeper will show you its location and contents.


Inside you will find a fire extinguisher (If things get too hot!), a pair of safety scissors, bolt cutters, an electric torch (If your home made electrics blow the national grid), a spare duplicate set of keys for lockable toys, emergency lube, disposable latex gloves and emergency condoms. Of course you wont be needing any of the stuff in the Safety Box but it is reassuring to know its there.


We like to play safe and sound, do you?


A full set of First Aid Equipment is also available in the Bathroom. Please advise your host if you have any problems; the Dungeon Keeper is a qualified "First-Aider" but he does not guarantee he will always manage to resuscitate your exhausted/damaged subject. He normally finds a cup of tea a good cure to many issues, (he learnt this from watching Eastenders).


We have put the Government "safety against terrorists" warning leaflet in the Safety box as well,  in the event of a terrorist attack during your hire, we are sure you will find it very useful..












Hoods Return to List of FAQ

The dungeon has a fine collection of full face leather bondage hoods. They range from simple to elaborate.

Hoodsare excellent tools for enhancing psychological domination and also look very bizarre and exciting.

The hoods have interchangeable eye and mouthpieces. Some also have interchangeable gag mouth pieces.

Whilst wearing a hood the subject will not hear your commands as easily, most of the hoods are designed to isolate the wearer from outside sounds and sights.

Remember that most folk (even people who love wearing them) will find hoods very claustrophobic and in combination with other therapies the experience can be VERY intense. Take care to monitor your subject during their use.

There are also some rubber full face hoods to choose from.

Most of the hoods are on display. The rubber ones are stored in a drawer. Please don't be afraid to ask for the things you would like to use if you can not find them.











Boots and Shoes Return to List of FAQ

The dungeon has a magnificent range of fetish boots and shoes in different ladies sizes. They are on display throughout all the dungeon rooms.

The sizes are indicated on labels inside the shoes or boots. Sizes range from UK size 4 up to size 8. The heels range up to 8 inches with platforms or 6.5 inches without.

Feel free to wear these as you wish. The throne room is an excellent place for extended boot, shoe, foot worship and trampling sessions.


The suspension chain in Dungeon Room Two also offers sturdy support to swing from as you spike your supplicant in a pair of these boots or shoes...









Dog Cage Return to List of FAQ

Under the table in Dungeon Room Two there is a lockable steel cage. Very secure and solid. Dimensions 46" wide x 27" deep x 36" high includes welded anchor points and feeding bowl slot in the door

A full dog training outfit is available consisting of dog hood, Puppy restraint set (Keeps your puppy on all fours - wrists and ankles are linked by chain that passes through rings on a ball strap - allowing puppy to scamper along,  sit up or beg, but kept in position).

Padded, lockable leather fists mitts, all complete with padlocks

In the cell cage there a feeding bowl, and the handy feeding bowl slot allows refreshment so you can adhere to Geneva conventions if you so choose.








Suspension Chain Return to List of FAQ


In  Dungeon Room Two there is a strong steel chain stretching from wall to wall. This is very securely fitted and can take the full weight of a hefty adult easily. Make sure the attachments you choose to fix your subject to the chain are also up to the job you have in mind.













Whipping Bench Return to List of FAQ


The dungeon as two Whipping Bench. A simple but very effective  whipping bench is situated in the throne room. This is fairly light and can be positioned as you like in any room. Upholstered in Red  with securing rings on each leg it offers the perfect solution for the subject who needs a sound thrashing.

The whipping Bench in Dungeon Room Two is for  much more serious matters!