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Can I visit the dungeon to see if it is suitable for me?
Yes, if you want to visit the dungeon in advance of your hire to check the location and facilities here, that can be arranged as described below.

Extended Tours and Training

If you want to visit the Dungeon and have a really good look around... Perhaps you are not sure if you want to make a hire for play or maybe you want to build your own dungeon and want to see how its done. You might want to learn how to use the dungeon equipment (you may want to plan ahead for your hire), or you are just curious, or you are a redundant News of the World journalist desperate for a story, what ever, you don't have to explain. This extended tour will give us both a chance to see if the dungeon is suited for your requirements.

An extended guided tour (for one or two adults) with no obligation to subsequently hire the Dungeon can be arranged for 100

You can ask as many questions as you wish and the operation of any equipment can be demonstrated, explained and discussed in detail. The tour can concentrate on any piece of equipment or type of play you wish to investigate. The Dungeon Keeper is a Graduate and qualified Teacher with greater than twenty years experience of working in Education and far more of BDSM activity. He can apply his teaching expertise, experience and share his extensive knowledge of the safe and effective use of S/M equipment and understanding of BDSM practises with you.

The extended guided tour will last one hour with refreshments and discussion at the end. No play is involved and no photographs or filming can be made during an extended guided tour.

If you want to be left alone in the Dungeon by yourself
This can also be arranged.. see here for more details