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Are Pro Dommes Welcome?

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I am a Pro Dom, can I hire the Dungeon?
Yes, you are welcome.


If you are a Pro Domme / Dom (or a pro sub or any other category of sex worker) we will assume you are using the facilities for your personal enjoyment. We do not regard it as our business as to what motivates you to use this Dungeon. You may be considering such a career path or you may be a professional with many years experience and expertise. The facilities here are perfect for either situation. 


Experience has shown that many Pro-dommes want to hire just for one hour, this is not possible at LDH as explained here. The Minimum hire at LDH is 3 hours.


The Dungeons are private and discrete and help is at hand should you require it. So you can feel safe in the knowledge that security is very good for you in all circumstances. We don't have any prejudices about employment... Police-Officers, Fire-Fighters, Traffic-Wardens, what ever, it's your business, none of ours, all are welcome.


We do not have any special rates, day rates or discounts... the charges as specified here are applied to all. Everyone is treated in the same manner. Many other dungeons are set up primarily for professional Mistresses and Submissives and some have "resident"  workers. LDH does not operate like that. If you are looking for a set up like that perhaps some of the alternative inferior provision listed here may be more to your liking.


All Hirers at LDH are treated in equally respectful courteous and good measure regardless of experience and orientation. Arrangements outlined on this web site will apply to all hires in all circumstances.