Why Minimum of 2 hr Hire?

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Can I hire for just one hour?

No, the minimum hire at LDH is 3 hours.

It is possible to arrange an extended tour which lasts one hour but an extended tour does not involve any play.

The reasons for a minimum of a 3 hour hire are as follows;

1) The amount of equipment and range of facilities here are so extensive. This makes a make a one or two hour session impractical. It could take more than an hour just to look at all the equipment here... LDH has an incredible range of equipment and toys and they are all presented in a very attractive way. Most first time hirers that hire for two hours thinking it would be plenty of time comment that it was not enough time for them. On their subsequent hires (hirers always return to LDH sooner or later!) they will often hire for three hours or longer. This has been mentioned in the reviews section by a number of people. Examples here and here and here and here and here and here just to reference a few.

2) The standards of presentation and cleanliness are so high at LDH. It takes at least 3 hours to prepare the dungeon for its first hire of the day. At least 1 (usually 2) hours are set aside between hires. It would not make any sense to spend so much time preparing the dungeon for just a one or two hour hire.

3) Economics dictate that in order to cover costs, maintain standards, enable growth and generate sufficient funds to maintain the motivation of the DK the 3 hour hire is the absolute minimum entry level hire to enable that.

4) The DK is the Boss. One of the delights of running your own business is that it allows you the freedom to set the arrangements that you think best meets the requirements of the services you are offering. No one can tell you what those arrangements should be. Of course if you set them incorrectly your customers will let you know by not spending their hard earned money on your services and you will be forced to think again.


The Booking Grid indicates the present arrangements are working well here at LDH.