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How can users be sure there are no hidden cameras etc...

There is no hidden surveillance equipment in LDH!

Frankly I find this question regarding cameras very insulting and it always annoys me when it is asked. But those that ask it don't know me so therefore their caution is understandable and sensible.

I did know of a dungeon (nothing to do with me) that had a two way mirror and I have been told by a hirer that he did discover a camera in a dungeon that he was using in the past (again nothing to do with LDH). So these things do happen and it's worth being very careful who you trust, where you play and where you hire.

As it says on our web site your privacy at LDH is completely assured.

I regard my work as a Dungeon Keeper in a very professional way. I approach my work here with the same high standard of sensitivity, care, preparation and ethics as I did in my previous work as a teacher. I worked in Education, successfully, for more than 20 years prior to developing LDH. My work as a Dungeon Keeper is now my full time only work. The Dungeon is my home.

You can find something more about the Dungeon Keeper here

I have been actively interested in BDSM all my life. I have been a participative member of the London Fetish Scene since the early 1980's. I was on the front cover of Issue One of the Skin Two magazine in 1984, I set up and organised Fetish club ISIS for 6 years. I also run a stall at the London Fetish Fair for a year.

My good reputation as an elder and "leader" in the BDSM community is extremely important to me and I am well known in that community. There is no way I would want to ruin my good character and good name by filming or watching the activities of LDH users without their consent or knowledge... it would be a complete betrayal of trust and I find the idea totally repugnant and disgusting. It would also totally undermine and destroy all the hard work I have put in to making LDH the leading BDSM Dungeon Hire in the UK. So not only would hidden cameras be immoral they would also be totally irrational and self destructive.

I really have no personal interest in what hirers do at LDH... I am not a voyeur... believe me when I say over the years I have seen it all, and there was no need for deception or mendacity to see it. Any curiosity I may have had in the past about what others are into has been completely satisfied.

I have been happily involved in many long term relationships with beautiful partners who have shared (and in some cases exceeded) my interests in BDSM over the years. I know many other couples and singles in the BDSM world. Any appetites I have (or had) for watching or filming could be very easily satisfied with other people's enthusiastic and consenting involvement at any time I or my partners felt like it.

You will see when you visit here and meet the Dungeon Keeper that you have absolutely no need to worry about anything regarding your personal privacy arising from your activities at LDH.

Perhaps the reviews here will assure you in advance.

One person said to me that those reviews could be made up. I replied if I was that capable of such extensive fiction I would be as wealthy as Jeffery Archer and have a dungeon (and no need to hire it) with a fantastic panoramic view of the River Thames.

The frustrating thing is I have no way of proving to people, in advance of their hire, that they can trust me. But then so much about BDSM is based around trust and mutual respect.

Trust me... I am your Dungeon Keeper!


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