Fetish Club ISIS

LDH organised ISIS (Jan 2006 - July 2010)




ISIS has come to its end (for the moment). The final ISIS was held on the 14th October 2011.


July 2010; We were very sorry to announce that LDH had withdrawn from the running of ISIS.


After 4 years and 7 months (that is 55 club nights) both I and my partner, thought it was  time for us to have a break!


ISIS did carry on under the very competent direction of Chris and Jane, relocating to Saturday evenings for a further excellent 14 events finishing on the 14th October 2011


We would like to take this opportunity to thank Chris and Jane and all the other people who have helped us over the years we were involved with the club. We have some wonderful memories of so many special Friday nights! To all those who have attended ISIS we thank you for your support... it's the members that made ISIS the friendly happy kinky place it was. Long may you continue to weave your magic in other places!


A special thank you for Owen (the owner of the Cavern Bar where we held the club) particularly for his most patient, helpful manner and very good humour.


So many other "thank you's" for all the other helpers... Colin and Sue of Very Alternative Furniture, not least, for supplying all the play kit and keeping it in tip top condition  (and believe us... it had a lot of punishment over the years). Thank you Sharon for providing an inspirational slave girl service. Armin we love you... even though you are very Germanic. Tim... a real stalwart, keep up your good work.  Fantastic photographic input from Jean Claude and in more recent years Rhys, All photography carried out with such flair and discretion.


There have been so many ISIS acolytes, volunteers and helpers over the years, we can't mention you all here, but our love goes out to you all.


all our Love


Ian and Thelma

x x x
Fetish Clu
b ISIS was set up & organised (Jan 2006 - July 2010) by
London Dungeon Hire TM

PS added in 2017.... It's amazing how polluted the word "ISIS" has become.. When we were using it  related to the Egyptian Goddess and had no other connotations.  The word is extremely sinister now... It seems a far more innocent time in retrospect... how fast History races; events and turmoil change our world... very few for the better alas!