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Will we have total privacy regarding our arrangements before during and after our hire?

Yes, absolutely, your privacy, when you use LDH, is completely assured.

The dungeon chambers are situated in a very discreet residential location. They are the DK's property. No one will know the purpose of your visit. No one locally knows about the facilities that are here. No one will even notice you arrive or leave. The DK values his own privacy very highly and conducts his business in a very professional and discreet manner. All your details regarding your use of LDH will always remain entirely confidential.

We only take one hire a day so there is no chance of you meeting other users of LDH.

You will have full, exclusive and private use of all facilities as described on the web site (three fully equipped dungeon rooms, bathroom / shower, toilet and kitchen). You can move about all these rooms without any chance of "bumping" into anyone else because no one else will be there.

The Dungeon Keeper will be in a completely separate area from the hirers, beyond the doors of the VIP Lounge/Library (not part of a standard hire) and he will be in in his inner sanctum (also with the inner sanctum door closed). He has all the facilities he requires and has a separate exit from the accommodation. His privacy and your privacy is 100% during your hire.

The DK will not disturb you in any way, but will be on hand to deal with any problems or questions you may have. He will in no way interfere with your pleasure or privacy. You need only see your Dungeon Keeper briefly at the beginning and again at the end of your session. He will expect to say good bye and check you are all happy with the Hire.

You can summon the DK at any time, or at the end of your session by texting him. He can not hear or see anything that you do during your hire. Well he can not hear you if you are reasonable... if he does hear you that means you are screaming at a stupid level and he will tell you stop as advised here. 

Are there any hidden cameras?
No! Of course not...see
here for more detail.