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What should we bring with us?

The Dungeon is fully equipped and has everything you need for a very exciting BDSM session.

All the equipment in the rooms is there for you to use and enjoy. If you wish to bring your own favourite toys you are most welcome to do that. Obviously you will be able to bring any costumes or items of clothing and change as you wish. As there are 3 equipped play rooms, you could dress "for action" privately in one room whilst your partner awaits their fate in another!

We do expect hirers to supply their own body lube, water based massage oils and condoms. It is essential to use condoms if you are going to use "insertable toys".  Insertable toys should ALWAYS be used with a condom. We  do not supply hirers with "disposable" items such as needles or disposable latex gloves. If you do use needles/sharps please take them home with you. Sharps should never be disposed of in domestic rubbish. 

Although we expect hirers to supply their own personal items (such as condoms) we do always have an emergency supplies of them and other safety equipment in the "emergency box". This "Safety" Box also contains Disposable Latex Gloves.

The WC and shower room contains soap and clean linen towels for you to use as you wish during your session.

There are ample paper towels, tissues, wipes, disinfectants and sprays available for you to clean things that you use as you wish during and after their use. These are available in a box in the Hall Way.

You may wish to bring refreshments with you to keep your energy levels up during your booking. 

Your hire can include  access to the Kitchen if requested in advance. The Scullery has everything in it you would expect a kitchen to have. There are supplies of tea, coffee milk etc for you to use. If you wished to act out a domestic scenario of serving a meal for example, all the domestic equipment is there to enact this. Obviously you will need to bring your own cooking ingredients and we do expect you leave things at the end of your booking as you found them at the beginning.

A jug of iced water and jug of orange juice will be set on the table for you to use during your hire.

If you wish to bring a bottle of wine or other alcoholic drinks that would be ok, alcohol is a very traditional aphrodisiac after all. Glasses and bottle opening equipment (and a full range of kitchen utensils) are available for your use. 

We do warn against excessive drinking and BDSM play. Just like a car the equipment in the Dungeon will be VERY dangerous in the hands of a drunk.  (Breathalysers are not provided at LDH). Hirers are responsible for their own health and safety and also the health and safety of the people they play/interact with. This obligation is enshrined in UK law in all walks of life.  Please do not take risks with your health or the health of others.