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Can we bring our Equipment?

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Can we bring our favourite toys and gear with us?

Yes, if you want to bring your own things with you that is not a problem, people sometimes bring suitcases of stuff!

The Dungeon is fully equipped and has everything you need for a very exciting BDSM session. All the equipment in the rooms is there for you to use and enjoy. However if you wish to bring your own toys there is no problem and you are most welcome to do that.

The Dungeon does not expect to supply body lube, massage oils and condoms. It is VERY important to supply your own condoms if you are going to use "insertable toys".  Insertable toys should ALWAYS be used with a condom.

Although we expect hirers to supply their own personal items and safety equipment (such as condoms) we do always have an emergency supplies of them and other safety equipment in the "Safety Box"

This "Safety" Box also contains Disposable Latex Gloves and body lubricant... We do not supply "disposable" items such as sharps. If you do use needles/sharps please take them home with you and dispose of them correctly  (if that is not possible advise us and we will do it for you) . 


Hirers are responsible for their own health and safety and also the health and safety of the people they play with. Please do not take risks with your health or the health of others where ever you play...