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Who is the Dungeon Keeper?

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Who is the Dungeon Keeper?

Dungeon Keeper with slaves in attendence 1983"Oh he is a slave from way back" (and the word "slave" was said with a sneer; a bit like a Bob Dylan lyric, "he's an artist an he don't look back").

Well he is now as I recall that remark. I was embarrassed, but not as much as my friend, Helen, who had heard it with me from the aged, drunk and very stoned TS Dominatrix with ripped saggy fishnet stockings leaning against the bar at a kinky gathering in 1989...

Well now, 30 or so (who is counting?) years on, I am a slave from even more "way back" and proud of it! I am a life long perv, who made his first visit to a pro-domme at 16 years of age. In those days they were hard to find, nowadays it seems every gal is trying to be a Mistress... Isn't it cool?  But it was always cool! And to prove it the snap above was taken at Club Maîtresse in 1983.

That's me with the beard and 4 "hot" chicks!

The Dungeon Keeper having his hands tied by Mistress Donna on the front cover of
Skin Two Magazine; Issue One  in 1984.

Not exactly Shibari but it was pretty captivating at the time...



Actually DK's "front cover" modelling career
was not quite over... He was destined to appear on the front cover of Ishmael Skyes classic "Free Wealin" about a decade later.


Kinky Hippy chick 76 But the fun had started even earlier than that. Here is a photograph I took in 1976 of my first love. We were both students together at "Uni" but in those days one did not call it that. Not many were allowed in, it was FREE, delightfully elitist and the Government gave you a grant to go!

We lived in sin, as we liked to think of it, for about 3 years. They were some of the best years of my life.  She was a Scorpio... a natural kinky, hippy, witch, as bad as she looks! It did not take much to get her interested in the bizarre and unusual...

Lesson learnt very early... don't be scared to share your ideas!

DK's bottom before it was branded... But as you can see the world was still not yet ready for his face.

The cover photo was taken in LDH...



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So the Dungeon Keeper is like you, perhaps? Struggling through life, just trying to make sense of his thoughts, his feelings, his relationships and surroundings. And still enjoying it all very much!


Dungeon Keeper's Kinky Projects...

  • Is responsible for every aspect (design, construction, creation & maintenance) of  London Dungeon Hire TM, but with grateful appreciation to much skilful assistance over the years.

  • Designed, created and maintains every aspect of the London Dungeon Hire TM web site and deals with all associated email and telephone communication.

  • Started up Fetish Club ISIS with Mistress Tallulah, Mistress Jane and Chris in Jan 2006

  • Designed, created and maintained every aspect of the ISIS web site, associated club organisation and email communications from Jan 2006 until June 2010.

  • Developing the idea of a Mobile Dungeon Hire facility that can deliver all the required BDSM resources to any venue / club / party / bar-b-que / home. We are also thinking to offer door to door chauffeured services with this dungeon van to fetish clubs in the London Area... play on the move!! In a Dungeon Van on the M25 no one can hear you scream. It's an idea that is going to happen sooner or later, and you saw it here first!

  • Ideas are also well formulated to establish a Country Dungeon Hire with emphasis on outdoor play, woodland bondage, pagan stone bondage circles and appropriate overnight accommodations. Financial backers welcomed. If you have the funds this dungeon keeper has the vision, expertise and determination!