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Can we arrive early (before the time booked) for preparation?

NO! Please don't arrive early.

The dungeon is like an elaborate theatre and it is best for you that you do not arrive early and see the boring but essential preparations that needs to take place to make it a wonderful magical place for you. (Also you will be in the way and inhibit the preparation!)

We want you to arrive just as the "curtain goes up" and all is ready and perfectly in its place.

This will be the time you have booked the dungeon for.

Preparations are not limited to but will include;

  • Cleaning of all equipment and all rooms and areas. Everything will be spotlessly clean.

  • Making sure all equipment is safe and operational.

  • Ensuring all equipment is in its correct place and displayed attractively.

  • Ensuring appropriate music is playing and the volume is set correctly in every room.

  • Having exotic incense burning in every room.

  • Ensuring the multimedia screens are running appropriate shows in each room.

  • Fruit juice and iced water prepared for your arrival.

  • Ensuring temperature of areas is at a comfortable level for your play

  • Preparation of your bill with guidance notes and feedback forms.

  • Ensuring your privacy; no one but the Dungeon Keepers will be here at the time of your booking.  If you arrive early, others may be here, which might embarrass you or them.

Your hire includes a full tour of all the facilities to explain layout, position of safety equipment and locations of your required toys. This introductory tour can be as long as you wish focusing on any pieces of equipment you wish to find out about and methods for their effective operation.  On the other hand if you don't ask many questions the introductory tour will last only a few minutes and you will quickly left alone to enjoy yourself.

Your introductory tour will start at the beginning of your hire.

If you do arrive early please telephone / text  FIRST to check it is alright to call at our door.

If you are going to be late also please telephone or text us and advise us of the situation, arrangements might be possible to extend the time of your booking, but other commitments could be in place for the use of the dungeon or the Dungeon Keepers time which would prevent that.

All this is just common sense and good manners but I am afraid experience has shown that not everybody have those qualities. Most do, thank goodness!