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We are newbie's and have never been to a dungeon before, is LDH a good place for us to visit?
Absolutely, LDH is the perfect venue for those who have never visited a dungeon before. For many reasons.

It is normal on a first time dungeon adventure that people will be nervous and have worries about what is in store for them. Will it be sleazy?  Will it be safe? Will it be clean? These are the kind of prejudices that many may have and it may prevent them from hiring.

All these are sensible and natural concerns.

So it's so very important that your first dungeon experience is an encouraging and positive one. It may be that one of you is not so enthusiastic about the adventure. A bad first time dungeon experience might ruin the chances of having this kind of fun on a regular basis in the future!

Make sure your first visit to a dungeon is a good one. Don't risk your budding s/m relationship by visiting somewhere that reinforces any misgivings your partner may be worrying about.

Once you have visited LDH then you could investigate elsewhere. If that subsequent visit is a disaster it wont matter because confidence will have been enhanced from the good experience at LDH, you wont be put off for good!

The majority of those that hire at LDH return again, again, again, again, again and again. They enjoy themselves so much here. Why? Because it's a warm, welcoming, safe, secure, sexy and such a well thought out exotic facility full of kinky exquisite equipment, beautiful toys and entrancing treasures.

All Hirers at LDH are treated in equally respectful courteous and good measure regardless of experience and orientation. Arrangements outlined on this web site will apply to all hires in all circumstances. 

Don't risk your s/m relationship by visiting the wrong dungeon first time!