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Are you the best Dungeon for Hire in the UK?

Yes! We we are the best Dungeon for hourly hire in London or anywhere in the UK, probably the world. Best value, best equipped and Best in all regards. We are also very modest.

If you are considering a Kinky City Break this area of London is a perfect location from which to explore the rich London Fetish Scene and also the more conventional tourist attractions. On the other hand if you just want a "quick fix" its perfectly situated for easy and discreet access.

Information regarding overnight accommodation here...

A "free hire" Challenge...

They say that pride comes before a fall. Well we are prepared to fall and we challenge anyone to match or exceed the standards, quality and quantity of equipment that exist here at LDH as part of a hire.

If we can verify the challenge with a visit to the dungeon that matches or exceeds our services then we will happily acknowledge that dungeon as better to hire than ours and link it here on this page and prostate ourselves in abject humility before it... Email us your challenge dungeonkeeper@londondungeonhire.co.uk . A successful email gets a free hire of our dungeon. Every email challenge (successful or not) will be published here.

Can any other dungeon for hire even match half of the criteria below?

  • We are the longest established. We have had a BDSM play space in this location for more than 25 years (only available for hire in recent years). Therefore we are more experienced, more knowledgeable and more established than any other dungeon hirer in the UK. Many Dungeons (often available one day and gone the next) have attempted to imitate us but none have managed to keep up with our standards, consistent innovation and development of service.

  • We have an unrivalled range of toys. Our range of equipment collected over a lifetime is massive and we add to it and upgrade it regularly. Dungeon Hire includes access to an amazing collection of boots, shoes, masks, hoods, electrical toys, surgical steel implements, bondage and CP equipment as well as first class dungeon furniture. All equipment is maintained to highest level of cleanliness and condition. The Collection is largest and finest collection of Fetish Equipment available for hourly hire in the UK and it is included in your hire at no extra cost.

  • We are a multi roomed play space. No playing in one or two cramped, confined stuffy rooms behind closed doors. You can move freely from room to room and space to space with private use of Kitchen, WC, Bathroom and Shower, without any interruption to the kinky decor, kinky atmosphere, your play or your mood. All areas are decorated and furnished in exquisite kinky detail. Total privacy is assured at all times and in all areas.

  • We are the most atmospheric. Every room and space is equipped and decorated in an appropriate fetish style with incredible attention to detail. Quality fetish art work and erotic sculpture is displayed throughout. Appropriate music is played in every area at a level that the hirer can control. You can choose the type of music from pre-prepared play lists (or bring your own) or have silence if you so wish. Subtle electric coloured lighting is adjustable in all areas and incense is burnt in all rooms. The overall effect is truly magical.

  • LDH is comfortable and relaxing. Warm in the winter, cool in the summer you can adjust the temperature in every space and room. Its clean and fragrant with comfortable furniture to sit or lie down on and relax as you wish in the most conducive of surroundings.

  • Absolute privacy and confidentiality: All hires are separated by at least one hour usually two. No embarrassing unplanned meetings, 100% guaranteed privacy and data protection totally assured. The dungeon is always prepared scrupulously for your hire.

  • Our organisation is excellent:

    • Our simple and well designed web site contains a massive amount of information, customer reviews, a calendar of current availability & substantial  link sections to other BDSM web sites that could help you create your very own Dungeon! We have directly inspired and supported the creation of two dungeons for hire by others that we know of for sure and suspect have influenced the creation and development of many others.  We list all the dungeons for hire on the web site that are in competition with us. Just looking at the effort that goes into the upkeep and detail of the LDH web site will give some indication of the level of enthusiasm that goes into the dungeon itself.

    • The DK designs, creates and maintains the LDH web site which enables constant updating and cost savings which he can pass on to our customers.

    • Rapid responses to enquiries; we aim to reply to all email within 24 hours and most is replied to within 3 hours.

    • Pristine organisation of equipment and toys

    • Opportunities for customer feedback and quality assurance.

    • Highest standards of health & safety, hygiene & cleanliness of all spaces, toys & equipment.

  • We link from our web site to ALL other dungeons for hire (that we know of with a web site) in London, UK and world wide locations.  We do this even if the link is not reciprocated (and very often it is not). We gladly share our substantial knowledge of other BDSM facilities that are available for hire. We are not scared of competition, we encourage it as we would love to see a dungeon for hire in every town in the UK (not necessarily run by us!). We set the standard in Dungeon Hire and challenge any others to match us!! If you visit them please let us know if we need to work harder!!

  • We are perfectly situated in the heart of the capital city of the UK, one of the most exciting cities in world with excellent transport systems and free parking is available at LDH (by arrangement).

  • No resident Pro Doms or Pro Subs. We concentrate entirely on providing a play space for couples (and their friends should they wish to invite them). There are no other agendas or objectives for our dungeon spaces. We are not a domination factory but a magical romantic sensual play space run by a knowledgeable BDSM Life Stylist with more than 40 years of experience of sub/dom play. Pro Doms, Pro Subs and other Sex Workers are welcome at LDH and are treated with exactly the same respect and care as any other hirer here.

  • We love what we do. We regard the dungeon as an act of creativity, an art installation for users to interact with. LDH is created with love and obsessive dedication to a life long dream. The imagination, enthusiasm,  and dedication is unmatched by any other in the dungeon hiring field.

  • We are reasonably priced. No hidden costs or surprises. Although we offer facilities far in excess in quality and quantity of other venues, our prices are very competitive and in many instances we are cheaper than other less well equipped venues.

  • We are truly Professional. So often in the BDSM world the folk that describe themselves as Professional are anything but that. Often not understanding what they are doing, with sloppy standards and totally unreliable. Not the case at LDH. It is professional. The DK has professional graduate and post graduate level qualifications and has an efficient, intelligent, creative and caring approach which would grace any profession!

This all adds up to a first class customer service unrivalled by any of the other Dungeons currently available for hourly hire. We are delighted we are setting standards in the fetish community, and we will continue to strive to improve them. Why? Because we love what we do!

Don't just take our word for it; read the extensive range of our customer reviews on this web site; yet another pioneering feature of London Dungeon HireTM.

Challenges received since 1/5/06 (the date this challenge was first published):

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