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What is a BDSM dungeon? What the hell is this LDH place all about?
It could be you have stumbled onto this web site by accident. Maybe you have discovered that your partner has an interest in this kind of thing and you want to find out more about it. Perhaps you have heard talk about the book "
Fifty Shades of Grey" or heard Rhianna singing about fetish things, like "chains and whips that excite her", and it is all just a total puzzle to you as to what all this kinky stuff is all about.


Well first off BDSM sex is only as good as your feelings for the person you are playing with... but in times of need those feelings can be completely fabricated. It's called pretending and needy (or greedy) folk can do it with a Professional Mistress or Master but satisfaction is not necessarily guaranteed in any situation.


BDSM is not every bodies cup of tea but perhaps you will be surprised how little sugar you will need to make it a tasty brew. Mixing the metaphors further I would say BDSM is akin to adventure sports and you need to actually try it to find out what the thrill is all about... rather like sky diving you can't experience the thrill properly through reading or just thinking about it. Many deny their true natures and live a lifetime never daring to take that plunge and enact their fantasies with a willing partner.

Are you are a still a bit confused? 

Well as you explore the wonderful world of BDSM the chances are you will become more so. It's a world of fantasy and dreams and therefore rationality does not really enter into it. It's more about feelings than understanding. Exciting feelings, sexual feelings, good feelings and sharing them with people you trust and care about in a safe and inspiring environment.

Those feelings are in the "bones" for some... part of their identity and those feelings have always been there and always will be. For others the feelings can be developed... if they so desire it.

First of all a BDSM Dungeon is all about pleasure, it's not about pain (although some people get pleasure from pain and they are known as Masochists). Some people get pleasure from making others suffer under their domination and they are known as Sadists  

The Rules
The Pleasure Rule is Dungeon Rule Number One; BDSM is all about pleasure.

Dungeon Rule Number Two; A BDSM dungeon is a place for consenting adults.

Dungeon Rule Number Three; There are no more rules... just the ones you make up for yourselves (or the ones set by the Dungeon Keeper and they only apply to his/her dungeon).

Play Time
When we were children we (well most of us) were easily able to enter a world of make believe where anything was possible. Those make believe games might have involved dressing up in outlandish costumes or improvising with cardboard boxes, bits of old junk or purpose built toys to create an imaginary world where in anything we wanted to happen could.

As we grow older, some of us, retain the ability to pretend play like that but as adults we are able to weave in sexual elements as well and so those games become even more thrilling and pleasurable.

A BDSM dungeon should not be damp, or cold or uncomfortable, but it may appear that way in a fantasy. It is a venue which is designed for adults to share and enjoy their sexual power play with other adults (as couples or groups). It has the atmosphere, security, equipment and toys that enable people to explore their BDSM fantasies with each other safely. Rather like a theatre it should have all the props, all the scenery, all the spaces and atmosphere for the players to act out the scenes and roles required in their personal power play.

A good dungeon (like LDH) has luxury and comfort in equal measure to opportunities for pain and bondage. It will be abundantly resourced for punishment, reward, worship and sensuality. A dungeon can exist just in the imagination or, perhaps, in the heart of an ancient woodland. It is the product of desire and obsession. It can be created where ever the magic is required.

The fantasy creates the Dungeon (or the desire for it). Then the Dungeon will fuel the desire, imagination and resulting fantasy still further.

I did say you might remain confused...

Confused or not London Dungeon Hire will assist you to resolve your fantasies (and confusion) but only if you hire!

Not ready to hire but want to find out more? Why not visit LDH for an extended tour?