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Can we stay overnight?

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We need somewhere to stay overnight can you help us?

We don't offer overnight accommodation in the dungeon unless we know you very well. Late night hires (that run beyond 9pm) can be arranged as described here,

If you are a visitor from outside London and considering a Kinky City Break the area around  LDH is a perfect location from which to explore the rich London Fetish Scene and also the more conventional tourist attractions.

As we are so centrally situated there is plenty of local hotel and B & B accommodation available nearby that can be easily used by Hirers that need overnight accommodation. The nearest hotel is a 5 minute walk away... The Shoreditch RE Hotel which has been recently constructed and is a most pleasant and well equipped venue.

Because of the large quantity and range of accommodation available in central London we are not in a position to advise the best quality or value for money for you. Here is a link to an extensive and useful list of hotel and B & B accommodation available locally with prices and approximate distances from the dungeon indicated.

An excellent range of Local Apartments are also available for daily rent here and here