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Re-arranging the Dungeon?

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Can I re-arrange the Dungeon Layout as I wish?

Yes, Feel free to arrange things, as you wish, as part of your Hire.

Furniture can be moved from room to room and equipment displayed and arranged as you feel it best suits your requirements.

This might be required for a video or photo shoot, or a particular arrangement for a scene you wish to enact. Feel free to use the facilities in the most creative way that suits your purposes.

The Dungeon Rooms are all set out in a particular method with all equipment in standard positions so that Dungeon Hirers can find the things they need easily on each visit. With each visit you will find yourself feeling more at home and comfortable in your play because you will be able to find your favourite toys easily in their usual places.

It is expected that you will return all equipment to their set positions by the end of your session.

Any item that you use in an intimate way or requires special attention should be given a preliminary clean and placed in the hall way box for special cleaning/attention at the end of your hire.

All other equipment should be returned to their stations by the end of the hire.