Is the Dungeon Warm?

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In very cold winter weather is the dungeon still warm enough to play in?

Yes! It's really very cosy!!

The dungeon is double glazed throughout with gas fired central heating and there is a radiator in every room and play area. The thermostat control in the hall way can be adjusted as you wish although it is advised that you do not change its setting. For a hire it is set at 20 degrees and the dungeon will be preheated in advance ready for the start of your hire so every area will be between 18 to 20 degrees centigrade.

There is a digital thermometer in every area to assist in environmental monitoring.

The doors to every room are normally left open wide... shutting them will increase the level of the temperature in the rooms.

For extra "instant heat" there are additional electric heaters available in each room.

The VIP room has a gas effect coal fire for emergency back up and cosy nights in!

The marble tile flooring in hallway, bathroom, kitchen and WC is cold... if you walk about bare foot in those areas in the middle of Winter the heat is literally sucked out of your feet!! So slippers/footwear preferably with 6 inch heels are a must!!

For those that suffer from "sub drop" (a reported drop in body temperature after intense subby experiences) there is are warm and cosy blankets stowed under the table in the Throne Room. There is also two bath robes in the bathroom. Although please do not expect to be able tro walk around comfortably naked for long period of times in the height of winter. Energy is too expensive and too environmentally damaging to be used in that way.

The Dungeon Keeper is always available to assist in getting the facilities to the temperature you require. Since he has owned the accommodation since 1980 he is very experienced in dealing with different weather conditions and extremely skilled at getting the environment exactly as you might desire it.


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