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The Dungeon as a studio?

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I just want to take pictures/film using the dungeon for "props" and scenery, is that ok?

Why not? It seems a very creative way to use the dungeon to us.

London Dungeon for Hire is primarily for play but if you want to use it to produce creative photographs or films that all sounds pretty cool to this Dungeon Keeper. Or maybe you want to record your play? Sounds even better.

There is an electrical extension lead in every room for you to use to for your lighting and cameras. 

Please note the hire charge assumes a couple are using the dungeon if you bring "extras;" a photographer, a make up person, a lighting engineer... all these will all be classed as extra players and charged accordingly; an extra 20 per hour per person for the entirety of your hire. Please see arrangements for groups for further information. Please advise us on the size of your party when you make your booking.

It might be worth to consider caution in the way you record your activities however... Depending on what you do and how you do it...  it may be you are providing evidence that will haunt you in years to come. On the other hand it might be a brilliant way to capture those magical moments. It's your life, your body, just make sure you decide what's best for you.

I confess I have a bit of a bee in my bonnet about people who are not into the BDSM scene and use it for some profitable documentary endeavour.... Nick Broomfield's "fetishes" springs to mind, although compared to many other examples it's rather good!

However it would be satisfying  if the spaces here were to be used by people who really connect with the atmosphere and equipment and want to record that for their own pleasure.

Yes! Photographers, Film Makers, Artists, Models, they are all welcome at London Dungeon Hire.