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Can we have a party?

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We want to bring some friends, is that possible?

Yes, if you wish to bring extra slaves / Masters / Mistresses (and/or friends) to play with, or to watch you, or to film or photograph you that is not a problem. But there will be an extra charge. The normal Booking fee structure assumes a couple will be using the facilities.

If there are more than two of you attending your session it will entail an additional 25 per hour for each extra person for the entirety of your hire.

The maximum size of group that can be considered for a Dungeon Hire is Four so that is a maximum of two extra players.

You will not be able to let guests into the dungeon to join you as you wish as the entry system and door bell will be disabled during your hire so extra players will not be able to gain access after the start of your hire without the assistance of the DK.  For a first time hirer this will not be possible to arrange.  On subsequent occasions special arrangements might be possible with people the DK knows well.

When you make your booking please advise us of your plans so adequate preparation can be made for your visit, to ensure there are no surprises or disappointments on the day.