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Can I take photographs or video film in the dungeon?

Yes you can take photographs and video's of your experiences during your visit. The dungeon is an excellent environment for atmospheric creative fetish photography and film work. Please advise us of your requirements.

There are plenty of electrical outlets in every room for you to use to for your lighting and cameras and extension leads are available. We do not supply cameras, special lighting or photographers.

Please note the hire charge assumes a couple are using the dungeon if you bring "extras;" a photographer, a make up person, a lighting engineer... all these will all be classed as extra players and charged accordingly; an extra 20 per hour per person for the entirety of your hire. Please see arrangements for groups for further information. Please advise us on the size of your party when you make your booking.

It might be worth to consider caution in the way you record your activities... Depending what you do and how you do it the images you record may may provide evidence that will haunt you in years to come. On the other hand it might be a brilliant way to capture those magical moments. It's your life, your body, just make sure you decide sensibly what's best for you and that you can trust the person you are sharing your images with.

The rates as outlined here and else where on this web site will apply in all circumstances.