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Who is welcome? Are these Dungeons suitable for me?

If you are an adult (over 18 years) and are interested in what you can see on this web site the dungeon is most certainly suitable for you. A complete beginner  or an experienced player... LDH will serve the needs of both and all between.

In fact if you are thinking about a first time visit to a "dungeon" (and that is the case for the majority that hire and they always return sooner or later!) then LDH is the best possible venue to choose.  Your interests and associated relationship will blossom as a result of experiences here. However your experience will only be as good as the feelings you have for your partner... LDH does not claim it can create or repair a relationship as part of its service.

If you have visited a dungeon before prepare to be amazed... LDH is head and shoulders above all the "competition". If you doubt it... check for yourself we list them! 

We do not to make any prejudicial judgments about the those who wish to use the facilities here. All are made welcome regardless of their experience, sexuality, gender, or occupation. LGBT are very welcome. We have had very good feed back from Gay couples using the Dungeon, for example here and here .

All LDH reviews go to show how comfortable and at ease hirers feel when they visit here regardless of their power play, sexuality, gender or backgrounds.

The only requirement of hirers is that you are over 18 (we will ask for proof if you don't look it) and that you are clearly consenting about what you intend to do (those under the influence of drugs or drink are not capable of giving consent and of course will not be welcome here). 

Because so much effort and enthusiasm has been put into the development of the facilities a high standard of behavior from hirers is expected including good manners and respect. You will be treated so and it is expected in return.

Discretion, privacy and common sense is vital... if for example you are expecting to be able to ecstatically scream, shout and bellow...  think again and read this info

If you are a beginner you will find a friendly and supportive welcome and anything regarding the use of the equipment can be explained in as much detail as you require. There is a quick tour given at the beginning of your first hire and any explanation or training that you may need can be given or alternatively an extended tour can cover things in depth. There is a "light touch" skillfully applied to these introductions so you won't feel embarrassed or harassed.

If you are a Pro Domme (or a pro sub or any other category of sex worker) we will assume you are using the facilities for your personal enjoyment. We do not regard it as our concern what motivations you may have in hiring LDH. You may be considering such a career path or you may be a professional with many years experience and expertise. The facilities here are perfect for either situation and in between. We don't have any prejudices about employment... Police-Officers, Fire-Fighters, Traffic-Wardens, what ever, it's your business, none of ours, all are welcome.

We do not have any special rates, day rates or discounts... the charges as specified here are applied to all. Everyone is treated in the same manner. Other dungeons may be set up primarily for professional Mistresses and Submissives and have "resident" workers offering services. LDH does not operate like that. If you are looking for a set up like that perhaps some of the alternative provision listed here may be more to your liking.

The Dungeons at LDH are private and discrete and help is at hand should you require it. So you can feel safe in the knowledge that security is very good for you here in all circumstances. 

If you wish to take photographs and make films during your hire that is ok. The facilities and "props" offer the potential for the most fantastic images. More information regarding Photography and Filming here.

We treat every one with equal respect and what ever your objectives, providing they are reasonable, we shall do our utmost to support your requirements.

Who ever makes a booking certainly will not be quizzed about their personal life styles or circumstances, it is none of our business, people who use our facilities are adults seeking fun, excitement and pleasure and they will certainly find that here in a very discrete, safe, secure, pleasant, very private and extraordinary environment.

London Dungeon HireTM will fully meet the needs of any adult who wants to enact their BDSM fantasies in a safe and sensible manner with another consenting adult (or adults). We supply the environment, furniture and all equipment and toys you could possibly need,  but if you need a play partner you will have to provide that for yourself... it's not part of our service. You could try the links here to find a playmate (more details on our policy about that here) and good luck in your search!

Alternatively it is possible to hire the dungeon for "solo" purposes (on your own) ... information regarding that here. You might  also consider an "Extended Tour" which could include advice and information regarding finding and meeting up with like minded people.

If you are a novice you will find the facilities here a wonderful place to develop your fantasies and interests, if you are a veteran you will  find plenty of opportunities to explore your interests even further. There is a incredible variety of equipment suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced players at LDH.

All Hirers at LDH are treated in equally respectful courteous and good measure regardless of experience and orientation. Arrangements outlined on this web site will apply to all hires in all circumstances.