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I have not got any one to play with... can you supply subs / doms to play with and/or photograph in the dungeon?

No. We do not provide those services.

If you have a partner, g/f, b/f why not share your interests with them? Show them this Web Site, hire the Dungeon with them... it's a great way to introduce your fantasies to someone, if London Dungeon Hire does not get them interested in exploring BDSM with you... well probably nothing will.

Alternatively we suggest you try the web sites in our links sections. You might find this page useful: Finding Play-Mates.

Some of the links on our Guests & Friends page might be useful. Those folk have been to the Dungeon and might consider playing here with you at LDH (or somewhere else) if you contact them via their web sites.

There are many places on the internet to establish communications with potential play partners. It's never been easier to find a kinky play-mate... In London there are a variety of places where you can meet like minded folk in real time. Some of these are listed on our clubs and events links section.

We can offer "Solo Hire" for those who might like to enjoy exploring the dungeon on their own. You might also consider an "Extended Tour" which could include advice and information regarding finding and meeting up with like minded people.

Good luck in your search.