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Machine Two: Lay Back Style Device


We proudly announce the addition of two awesome devices to The Dungeon Collection. At the thrusting edge of sex science these machines are guaranteed to rock your world...



Machine Two: Lay Back Style Device


Sometimes you want your sex toy to lay back (and maybe  think of something) whilst they are being fucked. Well this versatile machine can provide for a range of possibilities. Bound to one of the bondage beds, tied in the under bed prison cell or strapped to the whipping bench this hand held device can be applied to many different situations that you may wish to explore.

The stroke is 4" and speed (up to 200 thrusts per minute) is controlled from the handheld remote unit. Combined with rotation if required, it can spin whilst thrusting, or just spin, or just thrust. It's all under your control.

The Lay Back Sex Machine  

A pair of long and short adjustable stands are provided to enable the machine to be set at a convenient angle.

This powerful state of the art Sex Machine will rock your world and is designed, constructed & supplied by Confidential Comfort whose motto is "Cum in Comfort".

Whilst we can't guarantee comfort we feel most confident that all other expectations will be achieved with this device.


As you can see in the photographs above a range of attachments are available for this machine.

They will also work with sex machine one: Sybian Style Sex Machine.

You can also bring your own "Vac u Lock" insertables if you wish and these can be used with both sex machines.