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London Dungeon Hire has a collection of equipment that covers all BDSM Power Play fetishes including the more esoteric. Here we see the Hypnosis Chest for those that enjoy the idea of being Hypnotised or Hypnotising their partner. 

The Hypnosis Box includes a first class collection of “hypno play things” including a Nova Pro Mind Machine, microphones, headphones, metronome, pendulum, Pocket watch on chain, hypnotic “bling” rings and a mini Library of professionally made hypnotic domination recordings on CD


The Novo Pro 100 is used to "aid relaxation, assist meditation and to help relieve stress".  The user wears special glasses fitted with bright LEDs. 

When the unit is switched on and a programme is started, a pattern of flashing lights appears before the eyes.  The chest also contains Hypnosis CD's, Cd Player & Microphone. 

The light intensity on the glasses is fully adjustable and they flash in harmony with pulsed sounds on the headphones.

This unit will work with specially prepared CD's or tapes. You can also talk directly to the subject via a microphone.

Imagine being strapped down, in the bondage sleep sack, on the bondage bed, headphones on - so you can only hear the sound of your mistress or master's voice along with the pulsing sound, glasses on - so you can only see the pulsing light show...

Away in a world of dreams, open to any suggestion. 

Sensory deprivation in the most pleasurable of ways, a real mind fuck

This unit is ideal for the Hypno-Domination fetishist and/or sensory deprivationist, but  it will require some instruction to assist in its effective use. There also safety issues, for example it is not suitable for those who suffer from epilepsy.

If you wish to use this piece of equipment please advise us and we will give you an introductory outline of its use and purpose at the start of your session.

It will not be operational unless you have had this introduction from the DK at the beginning of your session.