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We are new to this, would the Dungeon Keeper be available for advice and assistance when using the facilities?

If you are a novice you will find a friendly and supportive welcome and anything regarding the use of the equipment can be explained in as much detail as you require at the beginning of you hire.  All are welcome regardless of their experience or expertise.

At the beginning of the first hire everyone is given a tour of the facilities and this can be as detailed as you wish, operational details of equipment will be described as you desire and any questions you wish to raise will be answered. After this introductory tour the Dungeon Keeper will retire to his / her private inner sanctum. If you require any further clarification or advice he can always be summoned by calling him via the bell push in the reception chamber.

On subsequent visits  introductory tours can used as required to remind you of arrangements and/or point out any new equipment or upgrades since your last visit.

If you want detailed instruction of any aspect of BDSM play its best to arrange a one hour extended tour.

The Dungeon Keeper is a qualified Teacher with more than twenty years experience in education and a life long interest in BDSM. He can apply this expertise and experience in sharing his knowledge of the safe and effective use of S/M equipment with you.