Is there a Safety Code?

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In your safety code, is (insert crazy idea here) allowed in your dungeon? I want to do really weird full on stuff. What is the limit?

The only "safety code" that really matters is that of the players that use the facilities at LDH.

The LDH safety code has been developed over decades to provide a clean, safe and secure learning environment. How this environment is used by hirers is not in the power of the Dungeon Keeper.

Hirers do not have a license to be foolish, thinking they can do what ever they fancy, behaving recklessly and selfishly because they stupidly believe the Dungeon Keeper is undertaking all the risk. 

He is not.

It is your risk and it is demanded that you will take all reasonable steps to ensure the well being for yourself and for those that are with you in the dungeon. Health and Safety entails legal responsibility for the well being of your self, those you are playing with and also for future users of the dungeon.

If you are uncaring and thoughtless in your behaviour you may well be detrimentally effecting the well being of many more than just yourself.

If the DK perceives such negative attitudes and/or behaviours arising, at any time, during a hire then the session will be terminated and the party will not be permitted to hire again.

So what is the dungeon Safety Code?

Rule Number One....
Choose your play partner carefully & above all be thoughtful and kind.