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Is the Dungeon wheelchair friendly?

There are no stairs or steps to navigate to make entry to the dungeon. Once within there are no stairs or steps, everything is on the same level. However it's not a space that would enable a wheelchair user to enter and move about easily in their chair.


As the Dungeon Keeper has very limited experience of this disability requirements he asked a wheelchair user to make a report of their experiences when they hired the dungeon... Ms X very kindly wrote...


"Thank you for a wonderful afternoon at the dungeon back on the 14th August. As you may recall, it was a birthday gift for my Master, and I do believe He had a very happy belated birthday that afternoon, thanks to your wonderful and relatively wheelchair accessible dungeon. You asked that day if I might write something about the experience of using the dungeon as a disabled person and finally, at Master's prompt, I am getting around to it. Please let me know if there is anything else you'd like me to add to the below 'review'. W/we very much hope to return in the near future and hope that you will have U/us back to play? Best wishes and thank you again, Ms X".


"If you're a disabled sub or Dom/me then this could be the dungeon for you. As a wheelchair using submissive, my advice would be to write to the Dungeon Keeper and discuss what your particular needs are. What is unique here is that are no steps to negotiate to get into the dungeon. However, the hallways are too narrow for a wheelchair and the toilet area is very compact so you would have to leave your chair at the door. What worked for me was leaving my wheelchair in a locked covered porch area by the front door and then I used a walking stick or the arm of my Master in order to access the dungeon's many facilities. I believe others have parked their chairs and then crawled in. I used the many photos on the website to work out if the space might work for my Master and myself and then discussed O/our needs further with the very helpful Dungeon Keeper. If you are most comfortable remaining in your wheelchair then this space will unfortunately not work for you but if you're not sure then please do at least speak to the Dungeon Keeper first."