Do The Neighbors Know?

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Do The Neighbors Know?


This is a very regular question asked by those that visit here and it is one that annoys and confuses in equal measure.

Know "what" exactly?

1. That the person asking the question is a pervert? Probably not. Most that ask don't look like a pervert and in any case I am certainly going to keep their secret and not let my neighbours know. Their neighbours may know about their predilections but my neighbours will never learn about them from me.

2 That the DK is a Pervert? Well are you going to tell them? I have certainly not and my neighbours are no where near interesting enough for me to broach the subject with them in the future.

3 That they are living along side the most fabulous BDSM Dungeon For Hire in the world? I am sure they do not know and care even less. I don't ask my neighbours in for a cosy chat and a look see. l have as little to do with them as politeness allows. They may regard me and my visitors as somewhat eccentric but I am absolutely convinced that the arrangements, decor and activities that go on within LDH are well beyond their feeble imaginations.

When this is explained I often get a sneer and a knowing look, "but they must know". Really? No, this is not a Brothel or Knocking Shop that is open all hours with a stream of dodgy looking solo gents coming, going all day and all night long. There is no disturbance or nuisance to the local community. We are not hired at night. We only have one hire a day. We do not have a hire every day. A couple hiring will arrive together and leave together.  There is really nothing to know. The people that ask this question are placing themselves in a very low life level of classification... Why do they have such negative attitudes about themselves, their interests and their community?

 4 ) Ahh but your Dungeon Motto, on the gate, surely that will give the "game" away? Most hirers that visit here can't even work it out, little enough those living locally. The more inspired might recognise it as a Celine Dion song lyric. For those that might make a more correct analysis and connection, well they are most welcome to know about what goes on here and I am sure they will join in soon enough by making a hire!