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I never pay the asking price, can I have a discount on the hire charges? After all I am very special and deserve special consideration.
All our hirers are special and treated equally well, with respect, care and attention. Everyone pays the standard charges as described here. Those charges have remained largely unchanged for some years and the DK is quite keen to raise them as soon as circumstances favour it!

Economically things are very difficult for all of us at the moment and the DK can understand why you are seeking a bargain. With rising living costs in general, increasing energy prices, general inflation and the significant investment in the dungeon collection (and its upkeep) LDH profit margins are very tight.

All LDH hirers that complete the feed back forms (provided at the end of their hire) have indicated they felt their dungeon hire was excellent or at least very good value for money. So much so that the DK has often considered that LDH should raise the price for an initial hire and then offer a discount (on that price) for "excellent special" hirers, such as yourselves, on subsequent occasions. That plan, however, would not represent a saving on the present arrangements.

But given the increase of other "pop up" dungeons that are offering a "budget" service in some instances at apparently lower prices than LDH (with some desperately reducing their hire charges even further before they pop off)  the DK does not yet feel  in a position to raise his charges. 

You may be aware that other dungeons for hire that have tried to copy LDH over the years are inferior and occasionally  awful but some people (in their quest for a cut price bargain) don't seem put off by that (well not initially; but I wonder how many have been put off dungeon hiring for good after visiting those places?). LDH lists all the alternative provision in London and elsewhere that it is aware of because it is confident that the quantity, range and standards of its provision can not be beaten in quality or value.

The DK can't see that LDH hire charges are in anyway unreasonable, particularly if considering the rental potential of LDH property as a "straight" unfurnished let would provide a substantial regular income (without the massive Dungeon Collection) and for little effort (or risk) and would also liberate the DK's time for other enterprises. He does feel that he wants to support you in what you wish to do at LDH but he can't see how his present position allows for any reduction in the hire charges currently on offer.

DK is sorry that he needs to be be inflexible in this regard but he is confident that if you do hire at LDH you will agree that what is on offer is very special and well worth the hire charges. If you are still desperate for a cut price nasty bargain you can always explore the alternative inferior provision. However if you like a luxurious and truly decadent experience that you will remember fondly for years its best save up your pennies and hire LDH.

The Booking Grid indicates the present arrangements are working well here at LDH

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