Setting up the Dungeon?

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Can you set the dungeon up the way we want it?

No. The Dungeon is laid out in a precise and disciplined manner. Every toy and implement has its set position. This makes it easy for users to find what they need when they need it. Please feel free to re-arrange the dungeon as you require during your hire. Please return things to their original positions by the end of your hire.

Any items that have had intimate use or need special attention should be given a preliminary clean (with the specialist wipes and disinfectants provided) and placed in the box in the hall way and the dungeon keeper will deal with those items after your hire

The Dungeon Keeper will always be able to assist you to set things up as you wish and to put things back. However such preparations and restoration should be during your hire period. Not before or after it.

Before your hire standard preparations will include;

  • Cleaning of all equipment and rooms. Everything will be spotlessly clean.

  • Making sure all equipment is safe and operational.

  • Ensuring all equipment is in its correct place and presented attractively.

  • Ensuring appropriate music is playing and the volume is set correctly in every room.

  • Having exotic incense burning in every room.

  • Ensuring the multimedia screens are running appropriate shows in each room.

  • Fruit juice and iced water prepared for your arrival.

  • Ensuring temperature of all areas is at a comfortable level for your play

  • Ensuring all areas are appropriately ventilated and the environment is fresh and comfortable.

  • Ensuring your privacy; no one but the Dungeon Keeper will be here at the time of your booking.

  • Preparation of your bill, information and feedback sheets