Dungeon Hire Review 50



Master Magic and BB
"I love the quirky little fun things that you add to the day... "We very much enjoyed our first visit to London Dungeon Hire and we will definitely hire again. We saw that there was so much in the dungeon that it would take a long time to use everything in the rooms provided. The music was lush and the ambience just left you relaxed and purring for more of the same. We even loved the little things even down to the metal dog by the complimentary drinks provided.

We stayed for two hours but knew that it was not long enough and I have read that some clients have said that three hours was not enough either. For us, we will be back again and definitely for a much longer time than two hours.

The violet wand was sheer bliss for my sub and W/we loved the bench and stocks too. W/we will hope to try out your new Bondage bed and cage when you get that this week too. Well done Dungeon Keeper for making our day a blissful and relaxing one. I love the quirky little fun things that you add to the day.... as someone else said “look out for them” they make the stay so enjoyable