Dungeon Hire Review 51



Roger & SaraThe multi bondage/torture bed in The Throne Room; "Simply Fantastic"
Visited LDH again yesterday and as usual we received a warm
welcome from the dungeon keeper. One of the joys of visiting LDH is the update on new items for use - and yesterday was no exception. The DK showed us LDH's newly acquired piece of furniture; the multi purpose Bondage Bed, and it is simply fantastic.

The combination of restraints and pulleys make it a joy for the 'top' and well, exactly the opposite for the 'bottom' - you get the idea! The possibilities this one new piece lends are too numerous to mention, and we will certainly be making use of it again on future visits.

On a practical note it enables the Dom full access to all areas of the slave and with the bed portion being at just above waist height they are able to put the slave through it's paces in comfort! It's positioning in the room is also good with the throne on the opposite wall, the Dom is able to sit back and admire their handy work.

The cage and confinement box underneath the apparatus would we are sure prove fun if more than one slave were in use. Once again many thanks to LDH, here's to the next time.