Dungeon Hire Review 115



I'd recommend an Extended Tour to get a feel of this wonderful dungeon which is like a hidden gem in the heart of London... The Extended Tour is great from the point of view of stirring the imagination in preparation for play etc.
I think LDH  is perfect with its mix of “tools”, multimedia and props. I loved the décor, music and general feel of the place – with a very knowledgeable Dungeon Keeper!

I don't think you can fail to be impressed by the way it has been put together and maintained so perfectly.

Following the extended tour, I couldn't wait to try the place out. A few days later with my particularly excited subbie in tow, the dungeon was used to full effect!

There really is so much to do and explore, so it is a good idea to visit prior to your session (as I did,) so you can plan out your time.

I must admit, I was given to spontaneous play at some points - inspired by the dungeon itself and its wonderful array of equipment. I think my subbie, can vouch for this!