What's in a Name?

How good are we?

What shall we get?

What's your Power Play?




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We asked 2619 people by Email,

  It seems, of those that responded, only half get turned on by High Heels...

Does that indicate that Dungeon Folk are not so predictable in their interests as many people think?

More research needed obviously!!

So keep it up people!


We also asked 2619 people by Email...


Shall we buy some Boots and Shoes From Fabulously Fetish?

   A unique range of handmade, devilishly sexy, yet elegantly designed footwea

The Dungeon Keeper is thankful that so many are worried about his Old Age Pension.

However DK is not worried! (It's too late for him to start worrying about it.).

DK thinks life is for kinky living,

His old age pension is something he has never worried about and he's certainly not going to start now.

DK suspects there is a world wide conspiracy to make every one in the UK worried, miserable, boring and normal. This must be resisted at all costs.


DK is fighting against negative thinking by sacrificing his pension pot to promote pervy fun and kinky happiness...


Below are the favourites of those who responded with specific choices

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So watch out for Dungeon News 12 ... your choices may well be added to the LDH Collection soon!


So much for the theory...

the practical work is still ongoing at this

City of London Institute of Power Play

and those results continue to be published here

What ever your Power Play...

London Dungeon Hire is the finest theatre for its enactment