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What is in a name?

We asked 2436 people by Email

Do you think we need to update our name?

London Dungeon HireTM

What is in a name? Some dungeons fade away, others grow and flourish. Many have very exotic names and one or two have copied ours! The problem with a name like "London Dungeon Hire" is that people can copy it in "innocence"... one dungeon, for example, described itself as London Dungeon Hire and it was not in London! Another describes itself more accurately as London (W1) Dungeon For Hire. Of course those that have actually visited LDH know that there is only one true London Dungeon Hire and it has not been equalled. But we are wondering if we need to change our name. So we thought it might be fun to find out what you think and see what kind of name changes might be appropriate...

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Yes... you need to change your name to something much more exotic
No... the name does not matter, your excellent service is the important thing
Get a life pal, I cant be bothered with your silly problems

We also asked for suggestions as to what we might call ourselves in the future...



Poll now closed... results below!


71% voted that we need not change our name...

We had many wonderful suggestions for name changes... So if you are thinking of setting up a dungeon why not steal these ideas? But we must advise you that they belong to the people who thought of them first. Here are some of the suggestions...

"Pandora's London Box"
"Pan's Playground"
... Mik

"The Dungeon" ... gr

"Dungeons, no dragons"
"BDSM Ballroom"
"Pervs Palace"
... Boy Kitten

"Pain Palace" ...  Jack of Hearts

"The Dungeon on the Green"
"The Dungeon by the Canal"
The Dungeon of Carnal Desire"
... Powerful Dom

"ISIS (London) Dungeon Hire"
"Bethnal Green Dungeon Hire"
  ... Stephen

"The Kinky Klink"
"The London Dungeon"
"Dom's Delight"
"Whip crackers away"
"East of Femdom"
"Medieval's Castle"
"The Tower"
"The Inquisitors Oubliette"
... Master

"The London Academy of BDSM" ...Robert G

"The No1 London Dungeon"
"Kinky London Dungeon"...

"BDSMden" ... Ms Eward

"Tallulah's Turret"
"Suite de la Nuit"
"Suite Cruelty"
"Maison de ma chien"
... Mistress Tallulah

"The Gates of the Nine Hells" ... obeah

"The Bethnal Green Dungeon" ... Mad Mac

"The Ultimate Dungeon Experience" ... Jason

"Heaven and Hell" ... Andy

"Dungeon of Dark Desires"
"The Private Chamber of Pleasure and Pain"
"Dungeon of Erotic Pain and Pleasure"
... rhondac


"London Endorphin Generator" ... newray

"Exquisite" ... Tom

"London Premium Dungeon Hire"
"London City Dungeon Hire" ...
Mistress Anya

"Madame TooSore's... where whacks and wax play cum together" ... Lady Dark Flame

Tower of Terror
Penthouse of Pain
The Control Tower
... Mistress Cordelia



So much for the theory...

the practical work is still ongoing at this

City of London Institute of Power Play

and the results continue to be published here

What ever your Power Play...

London Dungeon Hire is the finest theatre for its enactment