Dungeon Hire Review 89



My partner and I had hired the dungeon for the first time last week but unfortunately due to illness my partner couldn't make it on the day. After so much anticipation and excitement I was SO disappointed but not wishing to waste the opportunity, I asked the Dungeon Keeper if, at short notice, he could take me on an
extended tour of the dungeon.

We joked that it would've been more appropriate to be giving the tour to my partner (as he's the dominant one!) but DK was fabulous, taking the time to show me everything from the tiny intricacies of the dungeon (of which there are many!) to how all the more complicated pieces of equipment worked.

I think we spent over an hour looking at everything and at the end of the tour I realised it was WELL worth doing, as there are so many things you would probably miss on a first, or even second or third visit to the dungeon. DK's knowledge and passion for the subject shines though too, which made the tour even more enjoyable. In a nutshell I would definitely recommend the tour to anyone who's never visited the dungeon before!

So thank you DK for being so nice and all I can say is that the tour has whetted my appetite to come back as soon as possible. We're working on dates already, so hopefully we will see you soon!!