Dungeon Hire Review 35




Mistress Lola Raynes
As part of my preparation for my chosen career as a Dominatrix over the last four years I have made a point of investigating as many dungeons, both private and those for hire, in the London Area as I could find; both for my personal play and my Professional play. LONDON DUNGEON HIRE is the best London BDSM play space I have found by far! It is Five Star dungeon accommodation. It is unsurpassed in many areas, but I shall point out just 5 of its many stars!

Excellent Cleanliness

Some of the places I have hired have been grubby, badly equipped, boasting equipment that they either do not have or that does not work or that is so dirty and worn out that no self respecting player would wish to touch it let alone use it on anyone else! It only takes one dirty toy to get an infection! London Dungeon Hire is a perfectly maintained space, it is squeaky clean, safe, brilliantly organised and so very very SEXY!!

Excellent Organisation and Equipment

Some of the spaces I have visited have been pathetic in the range of equipment on offer, or in such a state of disarray it took half the session just to untangle the mess and find something that would work. Not at London Dungeon Hire. Everything there is ready for action hanging in its place and displayed in a menacing way that is inspiringly beautiful.

Excellent Privacy and Discretion

In my investigations I discovered that some play spaces are not private! Some have two way mirrors or hidden cameras! Personally I have no wish to have my intimate experiences captured for the amusement of others without my consent! Similarly when looking for a personal play space I have no wish to use a venue that allows people to pop their heads round the door to satiate their curiosity about what is going on! This is not an exaggeration it has happened to me. I also used a Dungeon once only to discover that the ‘owner’ delights in regaling tales of other users in the most scathing, nasty and judgmental way. BUT NEVER AT LONDON DUNGEON HIRE. It is totally discrete and private, and I feel most confident about my privacy and reputation arising from my play there.

Excellent Quality

Some of the places and people I had to deal with in my research were just plain awfully sleazy. Some of these people I met nearly put me off the kink scene for life! Not so at London Dungeon Hire. It has style, originality, intelligence and sensitive creativity. The cultured and educated Dungeon Keeper at London Dungeon Hire strives to set the highest standards in his work and it shows!

Excellent Originality

Most of the places I have visited have lacked any kind of imagination or originality. They were so disappointing in their vision and style. I often found them boring and tacky to play in. Not so London Dungeon Hire. It has so many exciting and original ideas. These ideas fire the imagination and have lead to many unexpected developments in my play.

London Dungeon Hire

5 star accommodation for 5 star players. Rent elsewhere at your peril!!