Dungeon Hire Review 25




Master Bob & the Hooded Slave
"We particularly enjoyed the opportunities for suspension"London Dungeon Hire is a refuge of decadent kink in the heart of London. Once you get inside its doors the rooms, the equipment, the myriad of toys is almost overwhelming. My slave and I had a long session and yet the time flew by. A lesson to learn is to just sample a little of everything or focus on an activity or piece of equipment. The Dungeon Keeper is a charming man who makes you feel welcome and at ease, the ambience is musical and scented. Whether you want to play hard or role-play softly the opportunities are all here at LDH.

We particularly enjoyed the opportunities for suspension, in the latticed body device and from the ankles from the substantial lifting frame. The very wide range of floggers meant we could work from gentle to severe in a flowing build up of intensity. The cage is excellent for cooling down and for reminding your slave of their role in life. We sampled the violet wand and now are keen to try it again in a longer session. The pictures on the website don't do justice to the dungeon, it is even better than the picture I took here. Cameras just can't capture the breadth and depth of what is a very three dimensional space.

We'll be back.