Dungeon Hire Review 24




P & D
Well, what can we say? It really was one of the most mind blowing experiences of our life. It took about three days to come back to reality and great amusement was had in explaining to the children where we'd gone on D's birthday as our brains were not really functioning properly, a fact we had not considered! They're still guessing!

We were incredibly anxious as this was our first time but were put at our ease immediately by the warm welcome, professionalism and personal attention. The quick tour was most helpful and there were times when it would have been useful to have further explanation as to various equipments however it would have diminished the fun of exploration.

The dungeon is extremely well-equipped and it was like walking into a toy shop for the first time. We rapidly became disinhibited and adventurous and we would recommend three hours as a reasonable time for novices, any less would have diminished the experience through the pressure of time.

The whole experience was a wonderful mixture of sexual abandonment, arousal and, most surprisingly, great fun. It has given us a fund of wonderful visual images which we continually draw upon and which continue to provide us with immense stimulation and no little amusement.

We did not expect the intensity of the pleasure and its long-lasting effect. It also brought us even closer together, a totally unexpected bonus. We have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone and will certainly be returning, but next time we'll make sure the children are not at home when we return.