Dungeon Hire Review 147




We like many were first time visitors and had some of nerves that others have mentioned in these reviews.

Those couldnít have been a laid any quicker from the warm and friendly welcome of the Dungeon Keeper. He  was quick to explain that a lot of people were in the same boat and took his time to introduce us to the mind blowing array of toys and equipment to play with, adapting to our newbie status Iím sure.

He couldnít have been more understanding and accommodating when asking a couple of questions and asking for something to be initially setup.

It really allowed us to relax into the surroundings, we went off to explore with a glass of wine, and as many have stated the lifetime collection is truly spectacular and awe inspiring.

Make sure you book for more than the minimum time as you will be able to easily use that time alone scratching at the surface of whatís available and on offer for your delight and amusement.

Everything was clean, well prepared and well explained with some specific instructions on certain toys to ensure you could explore on your own and be safe in the knowledge that you were going to be safe and able to use everything to its maximum potential.

We couldnít think any higher of DK, his collection and what we were able to enjoy. Like so many we will absolutely be back at the first opportunity because of this and for anyone looking and thinking about it regardless of nerves or lack of experience - just do it, you will not be disappointed !