Dungeon Hire Review 146




This was our second time visiting the dungeon and still we didn't have enough time to do a fraction of the things we wanted to do.

We were celebrating our anniversary and it is the perfect place for a kinky couple to sneak away to for an afternoon. Once you're inside you really would have no idea you're in the big city. You could literally be anywhere in the world. It really is like entering a Tardis of dark deviant delights.

This was our second visit so we didn't need to have the tour by the Dungeon Keeper but we opted for it anyway, just to refresh us on what is available and because he is so good at it and it's a really good fun tour that had us all laughing at his improv' and is a great way to set the booking off.

The highlights for us were the Fetters spanking bench and using as many of the floggers, canes and whips that I could find within arms distance. It's such an awesome collection from light to heavy from sensual to ultra severe and just one strike with each instrument takes a long time to get through. Needless to say many tears were shed by the end of that adventure.

The rubber room (which we love and end up spending most of our time in) is just perfect for the up close and intimate moments. We couldn't wait to grab as many toys as we could and pull the dark curtain behind us.

We also ventured into the sin bin/groping room as well as the bathroom for a variety of kinky sub/Dom activities.

The queening/Kinging chair was a first for us and we couldn't help but have the best laugh while using it. To say it was comfortable (for both of us) was an understatement the only thing missing from it was a cigar for me to chomp on.

Loved the whole ambiance of the place as is usual we found ourselves desperately running out of time before we knew it.

I must stress that this is now eight hours over two bookings that we have spent here and still we feel as if we have only just scratched the surface of the fun to be had. As much as we had some amazing kinky moments that we won't forget for a long time for me personally the best memories will be the laughs that we both had.

It really is like a theme park for kinksters. From the start until the very end it was such a great experience again and as I said last time "we'll definitely be back".

Thanks again to the Dungeon Keeper. Much respect from us both.