Dungeon Hire Review 110



I had such a rich and hilarious and intense and special time at LDH. I cannot think of anything but positives to feed back to the Dungeon Keeper.

I really love the way he has paid such attention to every detail, from the lovely garden-terrace space to the great music and of course the huge collection of toys and equipment. So beautifully set out and what a warm and comfortable atmosphere he has created.

Even though this was my first visit, I felt really "at home" at many levels!!

The person holding the space is always of utmost importance, whether pub landlord, workshop facilitator or as I have now discovered, Dungeon Keeper. I wanted to give him a big hug actually for being so welcoming and funny and easy to be with, which was so important to me, given that it was my first time of experiencing anything like this!!

In fact, it was one of the best days of my life. Obviously a big part of this is because of the dynamic and amazing play that my Master and I co-create together, but the whole adventure of going to London Dungeon Hire was an utterly delicious delight and I hope to visit again ideally for my birthday as can't think of a better present, but if not I will write to Santa with a plea for what I would most love to have in my stocking, although I am not sure whether I have to be good or naughty!