Gallery: Anal / Pussy Impala
Dungeon Room One: The Chamber of Dreams


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The Anal (or Pussy) impala can be found hanging on the the door of Dungeon 1 (The Chamber of Dreams)


Completely Restrain movement with this Anal  (or pussy) Impala. The sub is locked into the spreader bar with ankle cuffs (which are locked to the spreader bar d-rings with a small padlock).

With legs spread 24 inches apart the adjustable anal impala can be inserted in the anus or vagina. It can adjust from 18" to 32"... deep enough for most. The sub will be forced to stand or hobble around with this humiliating device penetrating them.

hmmmm it will go in a lot deeper than that....


 Always use a condom with penetration devices


3 sizes, small, medium and arghhhTo be used more sadistically, fix the spreader bar to the floor. Make your captive get all the way on their tip toes and then raise the dildo and insert as far as possible. If they now attempt to put their heel down to rest, the dildo will further penetrate them if there is room! If not the captive will be forced to remain on their tip toes totally impaled. There are a number of places in the dungeon where this could be achieved.

Any flared based dildo, less than 1.75 inches in diameter will work with the rod and the dungeon supplies a full range of dildos, (small to xxx large). These dildos can be found in the box that is displayed with  the impaler on the door to The Chamber of Dreams.

NB: Always use a condom with penetration devices, You are expected to bring your own condoms, but if you forget or run out there are ample supplies in the Emergency Box.