Dungeon Hire Review 76



Madam Divine"... novel ways to push my limits and deepen my torment!"

As a Pro-Domme with much experience of playing at various levels and in many different environments, I do not hesitate in saying 'London Dungeon Hire' is far and away the best play space I have ever hired. The facility is superbly equipped, spreading over several rooms, and the ambiance is terrific, aided by atmospheric music, lighting and slides. I can not imagine anyone not finding what they want here! The rates are reasonable and the dungeon keeper, is discrete, friendly and approachable. If you are a Pro Domme needing to hire a dungeon in London, or simply a player just looking for somewhere to explore BDSM with a partner - this is the place to go!

slave it:

Madam Divine has permitted me to say a few words about my experience of being Dominated and punished by Her at 'London Dungeon Hire'. As a slave, i have never seen anything quite like the dungeon in terms of equipment and atmosphere. i simply adore being there and from the moment i enter the door i slip effortlessly into sub-space. my time there is very, very special. There is only one drawback - the equipment is so good and varied it inspires Madam Divine to find many novel ways to push my limits and deepen my torment! Having said that, i can't wait for my next visit! i feel totally secure, confident and relaxed in the Dungeon - it truly is a unique place and i would strongly recommend it to anyone from the nervous novice to the hardened masochist.