Dungeon Hire Review 37




nick & Sandra
We visited the dungeon for the first time yesterday. It is fair to say that we were both a little apprehensive and wondered whether the reviews we had read could really be true? Well, it was even better than we could have hoped for. The dungeon keeper was the perfect host and spent time showing us around the rooms and making us feel relaxed and at ease before leaving us to our own devices. And my, what an extensive range of devices and possibilities there are!

The dungeon is wonderfully clean and well organised and the range of toys and equipment is simply incredible. Indeed, it can almost be overwhelming as one wonders where to start? It is probably best to start by concentrating in one room and familiarising yourself with what is on offer there (enough to keep even the most demanding Dom/sub happily occupied for for many, many hours) before moving on.

The dungeon offers so many opportunities for play. We will most certainly be going back and can imagine still 'discovering' new things after repeated return visits.

After our session we were even invited to have a cup of tea/coffee and chat by the charming and genial Dungeon Keeper. We really cannot thank him enough for providing not only such a wonderful dungeon play space, but one which, for people like ourselves who are only just beginning our journey into the wonderful world of Femdom, is so clean, well-organised, friendly and relaxing. In short, it is a gem of a place. We will definitely be coming back.