Dungeon Hire Review 28



Dave & em
This is the second time we've visited the dungeon so we thought it was about time we gave some feedback!

Before we first visited the dungeon, we were, well dubious and nervous as to what to expect. We have practiced SM in our Ds relationship for some while, but wondered if the place would be seedy, cold and weird.... we couldn't have been more wrong, it's clean (scrupulously so), scented, atmospheric, pleasant and pretty much like Disney land for kinky people! The dungeon keeper also goes some considerable way to making you feel at ease and indeed, the second time we visited we felt more like we were calling in on an old friend! i certainly hope this goes some way to allaying the fears of anyone who may be avoiding a visit for fear of what to expect.

As for the equipment and play space... well, it's just awesome. Whatever you're into in the realm of BDSM, the dungeon will provide for from large play items like the St. Andrews Cross, a staggeringly wide range of CP equipment and SM accessories (blindfolds, cuffs etc).... down to having our coffee served in 'Master' and 'slave' mugs! Not only is the dungeon fun to scene it, it's quite frankly so much fun to explore! There's plenty for everyone's tastes, however experienced or inexperienced you may be.

If we had to 'recommend something, it would probably have to be the wooden pony, the whipping bench and the under bed cell.... though it really is a case of being spoilt for choice.
The bathroom and kitchen facilities are also great and it's very nice to be able to freshen up after a scene, in such clean and private surroundings.

We hope to return soon....though we strongly support D and J's request for a northern branch!