Dungeon Hire Review 18




Master & Male Slave
My Master recently subjected me to a 5 hour session of ‘Bondage, Torture, Humiliation / Degradation, and Punishment whilst held inside these atmospheric Dungeon Rooms that he had used before and knew to be appropriately equipped to further my ongoing training as his Slave.

On arrival, we were met by the Dungeon Keeper whose welcoming greeting made me feel both relaxed and excited. I was immediately captivated by the atmosphere inside, which the Dungeon Keeper has created with much time, thought, and effort. I was shown around the Dungeon Rooms by himself and my Master. As the tour progressed, I soon began to realise my fate as far as the next 5 hours were concerned at least!!

Throughout my ‘5 hour sentence’, I was securely bound in the ‘Bondage Chair’; then locked in the ‘Stocks’; left bound in a heavy ‘leather straightjacket’ whilst held in solitary confinement in the ‘Isolation Chamber’ with my Master making periodic checks through the inspection hatch to make sure I was not up to mischief!!

I was then trained as his ‘Puppy Dog’ and locked in the ‘Puppy Cage’, then after a short break, I was suspended from the ‘Hoist’; secured by my wrists, ankles and body to the ‘St Andrews Cross’; subjected to an unforgettable period of restricted movement / chastity, by being placed in the ‘Humbler’ a unique piece of male restraint equipment that has to be experienced to be believed; then fully suspended by a ‘Suspension Harness’ before finally being punished on the ‘Whipping Bench’.

Despite my prolonged slave training session, the 5 hours passed incredibly quickly, and all too soon I was released. However, I am assured by my Master that I shall return many, many times in the future!!

My experiences in the Dungeon Rooms are being documented into a fully illustrated story entitled ‘Condemned to the Dungeons’ which will shortly be held by the Dungeon Keeper.