Dungeon Hire Review 144




Sir Alan and his Wonder Woman
We had a really tremendous time at LDH. The DK was so friendly and showed us around his impressive array of equipment. From the fun quirky to the exciting serious stuff. It would take an awfully long time to try it all out. We spent 3 hours and just scratched the surface. We had an exciting time. I was strapped to the bench and flogged and caned. I loved being bent over the bench for a good seeing to and sitting on the queening stool for a fantastic play session.

How exciting to go into the large cage together and just sit there with the door closed. Then we went up to the big bed in the sky - very comfy...

Next time I want to use the fucking machine...and more of the suspension hoists!

A lovely venue for all our naughty and "dirty" play thank you DK.